IMG_4015As a facilitator, she has worked with councils on Local Development Plans, Energy Plans, and Departmental  Plans for out-sourcing and in-sourcing activities.  For Housing Associations, she has provided processes for full engagement of staff and tenants in 5-year strategic plans.  She co-wrote an article ‘Building Bridges through Facilitation’ for the AMED  journal about this work.

As an accredited Action Learning Facilitator, Ann has worked with a variety of groups including freelance consultants, course participants, and facilitators.  She is currently developing her Action Learning work around Women in Transition…  to develop groups that support each other in times of change… return to work, children leaving home, retirement and other life changes.

As a mediator and conflict practitioner, Ann has supported organisations through a variety of issues arising from performance reviews, workplace disputes.  She has developed a strong practice in team and group conflicts, supporting teams (and the individuals that form them) through merger and acquisition activities, when changes to work patterns, roles and responsibilities and culture are in place, and generally when conflict occurs in the workplace.  She has published a chapter in ‘Working with Difficult Groups’ (Jossey-Bass, April 2010).    Recently, Ann has developed her practice in elder mediation, supporting families to develop approaches to caring for elderly members, while maintaining good relationships with each other.  She has published an article in ‘Involvement News’ for CAVMH to describe the service, which is available here.

As a trainer, Ann delivers a variety of courses in facilitation, coaching and mentoring, conflict management and mediation. She has written many of these courses, but also delivers as a licensed associate for several partnering groups.

As a coach and mentor, Ann has worked with a variety of individuals and organisations to develop confidence and self-awareness in achieving personal and organisational goals. From 2013 – 2015, she co-ordinated the Mentoring programme of training and support for women in construction and IT as part of the WAVE project.

Contact Ann: 07503 070835   or  ann.lukens@gmail.com   See profile: Linked In 

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